Victor Shiu

Victor Shiu is a NJ Wedding and Event photographer.

Victory Photographs (formerly VHS Studios)- Why did he decide to call his company Victory?

- One night during dinner with his fiance (Valerie) and two other friends, baby names came up in a conversation related to different mutual friends having kids. Some have decided to be creative and incorporate part of the father's and mother's first name into the naming the baby. That got him thinking. He immediately said "There's almost no way that can work for us! What are we going to call our kid? Valtor? Victory?! There's no way that will work!" It was just another night with great laughs and great people. But before you know it, Victor spent hours and days trying to think of a name for the company. After a few restless nights, a random dinner night with friends popped back into his mind, and became the reason of how the company was named. Perhaps everything does happen for a reason.

- The baby is here! Victor became a father to a beautiful baby girl in December of 2016.  Don't worry, they didn't name her Victory, or Valtor (thank goodness).  Except they named her after a person/character in one of his favorite movies.  Go ahead, ask him what is her name and what movie it came from.  I bet you will get a kick out of it!

Victor Shiu - He is the creative director and owner of Victory Photographs and Victory Photo Booth. His passion lies in photography and helping people remember the great times they've had throughout the years. Graduating with an electrical engineering background, he has found a medium by incorporating his passion and skill set, creating Victory Photographs. Being able to look back, remember the great laughs, and reminisce a particular night is one of the main reason this company was created.  Allow us to be part of your memorable night to be. Don't let the space, time, or even budget keep you from letting us capture your moments. There is no event too big, too small or budget too great, too little. If there's a will, there's a way. We will make it happen.